the Art of Living....dining with gorgeous lighting

Today, I am more than grateful for everything in my life.
Lately I have been reminded just how short life is, and I don't want to ever miss out on that joy!
I am also praying for our country and the oil spill, its astounding what is going on.
So I just want to take a moment to thank God for every blessing, 
especially you lovely readers who make my days so bright! 
What would I do without you????

Speaking of bright...
I am spending today on the hunt for some amazing dining room lighting and I am needing inspiration.
Modern, bright, unique and over-sized light fixtures are all up in my mood.
I can spend hours gazing at the wonders of vintage light fixtures.
This place has great sources...I can barely pry myself away from the site.
I,of course, think Ron + Jaime always knock it out of the park!

images via...decorpad, apartmenttherapy, elledecor, woodsonandrummerfield