SIX TO BLISS: the keely overbye edition

Who: Keely Overbye
Where: Minneapolis, Minnesota
What: an incredibly adorable + stylish blogger of Luxe + Lillies 

I am so excited to be here today sharing my Six to Bliss with all of Ashlina's lovely readers! 

One:  2 Daily Routines
I am really a "fly by the seat of your pants" kinda girl, but these two things I always look forward to, no matter how busy my day it, and I feel that, though I don't like the word "routine", they are major attributes of my daily bliss. 
Coffee and Blogs is something I start my day with. period. It does not matter where I am, but you can bet the first thing I am doing in the morning with cup of coffee in hand is looking at blogs. Maybe Cliche for a blogger to say, but each and every day I find so much inspiration here, and enjoy putting so much love into my own blog. 
There are few things I love more than a great cheese paired with champagne. I am absolutely head over heels for Purple Haze Goat Cheese (available at Whole Foods too!). It's heavenly! And.. I just feel you can't go wrong with champagne!
Two: Stripes
I'm enamored with them in any capacity. They are classic, and will always be in style. You can change them up with fun color combinations, or downplay them with different widths.  Right now I'm really into black and white stripes, as well as striped silk fabric (like the setee below!)
Three: Slipcovers
I have to be honest. I grew up in a house where the thought of slipcovers really never crossed my mind. When I met the boy, his family introduced me to the easy coastal feeling of slipcovers (particularly white). I think they are an absolute must if you have pets or kids. 
People think I am crazy to have white. But actually, it's the easiest to clean and keep looking nice because you can bleach it! The best part is, there are so many styles of slipcovers that it is easy to find a style that suits you best, and when you are sick of it, just pull it off, bring your furniture piece and some new fabric to a seamstress, and voila! New look!
Four:  Piping
Piping I feel is something  a lot of people forget to consider, and I think it can often times be the answer to that "something" that is missing. There are so many fun colors that you can pair with even the most basic of colors to make a room subtly stand out!
Thom Filicia's choice of orange creamsicle colored piping on this gorgeous gray fabric has me swooning for more!
Five: A Candlelit Dinner Al Fresco
Being able to eat outside is truly one of the warmer months greatest pleasures for me. In a dorky confession, I dream of the dinner garden party scene from Marie Antoinette and hope to someday have a dinner that chic. But seriously.. there is a certain whimsy that a candlelit dinner party brings to someone. And what is better than enjoying wonderful food and drink with great family and friends late into the evening!
Six: A Little Bliss Each Day!
I once heard Christie Brinkley say that she eats a piece of chocolate everyday because no matter how bad the day gets, or how hectic her schedule is... its a few moments to savor something she absolutely loves.This stuck with me, and I have been careful in applying it to my own home. I really believe in the power of happiness, and I think if you have an element of your home that you can look at every single day and it makes you feel proud or happy, mission accomplished. 
Maybe its a beautiful set of serveware to host a leisurely and elegant breakfast for yourself every saturday morning or a totally girly (or masculine) bathroom that is only for you to indulge and retreat in.
Maybe it is a perfectly organized space that gives you peace of mind and order, or a closet that is everything you dreamed of.
And maybe its that perfect piece of furniture that you just couldn't walk away from! (for me, thats anything tufted) Or possibly, its simply splurging on a gorgeous flower arrangement each week.
Whatever your bliss is... I hope each and everyone of you has an element of it to indulge in in your home! I hope you enjoyed my Six to Bliss and a big thanks to the beautiful Ashlina for having me over today!