decorista inspired art walls

The weekends in LA are just getting better and better.
The sun is shining and everyone is bustling about here in beverly hills. I am just loving it!
Totally why I moved out here from Texas....these are the moments I remember why. 

This weekend I am on a mission! The art wall in my room needs some art, and not just a few bits but I want my wall covered in beautiful art.
I am always inspired by the gallery and I am extremely inspired by some of these walls that are filled with art from wall to wall.
I just love the way it looks, something about the way an art wall can capture personality is so inviting.
My sweet friend Jami and I are hanging out today and hitting up Dwell on Design .
Hopefully I will get inspiration there too, for now, he is what is speaking to my heart...
images via...elle decor, mrs.blandings, everythingLEB, ritakonig,