Dear Decorista, {decorating a powder room}

Dear Decorista,
Love your blog!! I'm on a mission to self-decorate my home, and your blog is a major source of inspiration for me. I have a question regarding light fixtures. I currently have a really beautiful and elaborate (in my opinion) fixture in my small powder room, and can't decide if using a sconce or two would be overkill. I also need to find a mirror, but feel like I should work out the sconce or no sconce situation first. So what's your opinion on overhead fixtures AND sconces? Should one be elaborate and the other be more toned down? 
Thanks again!

Elizabeth in Arkansas

Dear Elizabeth,
Oh how I love love love powder rooms and I am thrilled to help you out a little today. Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog, I hope to inspire you always!
So...first of all, I love your wallpaper as I'm sure most of my readers do too. The green is perfection in my opinion.
I absolutely think you can combine sconces to go along with your gorgeous light fixture. In smaller rooms, I think combinations really pack a punch. 
I am envisioning it would look a little something like this...

I think a white mirror would work really well with the color of your wallpaper.
I am partial to bamboo mirrors right now. They just look really chic and happy.
I have found tons out and about at different thrift stores in my area, so if you can't afford a new one keep your eyes out for an older one and just spray paint it glossy white. 
A little something like these....

As for your sconces, I say don't be afraid to use what you love.
This ornate and large chandelier looks fantastic with a pair of simple sconces. 
I think its a killer combination.
Something like this sconce with a small, pretty clear crystal ball detail would go great with your light fixture and keep it looking crisp and clean.
More inspiration!

One of my favorite pair of sconces from one of my fave resources...check them out.

Let me know if you have more questions for sources...I'd be happy to help.
Good luck decorating Elizabeth and send pics when you are finished!!!!!