secret of domestic bliss #22... foot of the bed benches

Oh how. I am so relieved that this week is finally over. You guys would not believe how busy + overwhelmed I have been. Family, church, friends, events, blogging, work, etc.
I am so very ready to take a long, long nap...sigh.

Which brings me to my next SODB...putting shoes on your bed!
Yes, you read that right. There is such thing as shoes for the least I think so.
I can honestly say, when I look to a bedroom for inspiration, I am always drawn to the bed dressings.
Pillows are my first eye glance, I love the textures and colors pillows can bring.
My next stop is on what is at the foot of the bed.
Most people skip this spot and I think it needs more attention. The end of the bed can be the perfect place to sit, place books, blankets, letters, etc. 
It can be just what you need if you feel your bedroom is incomplete.
This weekend, if you have some extra seating around, give it a try...who knows, you might love it!
a quote to send you off...
happy weekend luuuvahs!
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