Dear Decorista, {tackling bed + window dilemma}

Dear Decorista,
 I have a bedroom with 3 high windows on the wall that the bed would be placed on. The windows are in the center of the wall and would be centered over bed.  
What type of headboard would look the best under the straight line of the windows.
I have been searching all of my magazines and cannot find a good inspirational photo.

-Judy, Olympia, Wa.

Dear Judy,
I know many people face this similar situation of having to place a headboard in front of a window.
I, myself have even had the pleasure (and frustration) of tackling this challenge. 
There are so many different options you can choose from, headboards, curtains, screens, panels, etc.
I have pulled through some files for some inspiration photos for you and everybody else out there who might be dealing with the same issue.
Good luck and keep me posted on what way you choose to go!
All my love, 

Here is my own personal bedroom...
behind the curtains is a long rectangular window that hits right above the headboard. 
I love the combo of curtains + headboard myself.
I love the way it looks in person.

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