building your dream home...a Los Angeles design love story

Jamie Adler, daughter of Phyllis Morris (an LA design powerhouse) and now CEO of her mothers company, lives in this beautiful Los Angeles home nested in the beautiful hills of beverly. She and her husband and business partner, John, redesign the entire place...from what seems to have not been a dream home.
How fun does that sound? Renovating an ordinary home into your dream home with your husband?
And it happens to be on the same block as her parents home...i love idea keeping close to the family.
The 4,000 square foot home has hints of glamour, modern touches, quirky art and is full of love!
I am absolutely smitten with her style, she must get it from her mamma.
here is Jamie in her master bedroom, how adorable + stylish is she?
all images from Angeleno Interiors