SIX TO BLISS: the paloma contreras edition

Who: Paloma Contreras
Where: Houston, Tx (love it!)
What: Super chic writer and blogger for the luxurious La Dolce Vita blog among others.

I am so thrilled that Ashlina invited me to be a part of this wonderful series! Creating this list was so fun and I have loved reading about what everyone else considers to be the essentials for domestic bliss in their own homes. I think you'll notice that most of the items on my list are things that add a personal touch to one's home.

1.Fresh Flowers:

Nothing brings more cheer into a house then fresh-cut flowers. An arrangement doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive in order to be beautiful. My favorite thing to do is buy flowers in one color and put them together in full, lush bunches. My favorite flowers are pink peonies and white hydrangeas.

2. Loads of Books:
I adore books and have loved reading since I was very young. Whether you are talking about a novel or a beautiful coffee table book on art, interior design, or fashion, they inspire the imagination and give us a glimpse into the lives of interesting people or transport us to places of great beauty. I love seeing homes with stacks of books everywhere. They add so much character.

3. Patterns
In order to be complete in my eyes, a space should have a variety of patterns and textures to add visual interest and personality. They’re fun and interesting and if you keep the big items in a room neutral (i.e. sofa, drapes, chairs) they are something you can change out frequently for relatively little money through items like pillows and rugs.

4. Personal Photographs and Artwork
I firmly believe that a space should say a lot about the people who live there. Personal touches are what make a house a home. There are few things as personal as photographs and artwork. My house is filled with photos my husband and I have taken during our travels. They are special to us because they remind us of our adventures together and they say a lot about who we are. In terms of artwork, adding pieces that you love to your home make it all the more special whether that means framing a picture your child drew, hanging a print by your favorite artist, or adding a vintage or original piece somewhere.

5. Fabulous Lighting
Lighting is the jewelry of the home and so often people forget about it. Let’s face it. The outfit isn’t complete until it’s accessorized! There is something so warm and beautiful about being in a home in the evening that is beautifully lit. It can also set the tone for so many things. In my opinion, it is one of the most important things in a home and should not be considered an after thought. I have high-end pieces from Circa Lighting and inexpensive lamps from Target in my home and I love them all! They can be such a wonderful expression of your personal style. What can I say? I’m a big lamp tramp!

6. Crisp White Linens
When it comes to linens, I tend to gravitate towards crisp, white looks. I don’t tire of them as much as quickly as I have tired of linens in various colors in the past. White linens are classic, timeless, and elegant and work with any type of décor. I love the look of white linens with a fabulous monogram! The duvet and shams on my bed are embroidered with white thread in order to have maximum versatility and the towels in my guest bathroom have a modern black monogram. I dream of someday owning something from Leontine Linens. They have the most gorgeous monograms!

Paloma, you are the just the most fun girl! So glad you had fun putting it together.
I love your list, thanks for sharing! 

Wasn't her list fabulous? 
Are you guys enjoying reading the secrets of these stylish bloggers?