photo number six...a blogging game

I am the worst when it comes to awards...
I never feel like I'm worthy + the thought of choosing only a few bloggers to give the award to makes me nervous because I love all the blogs out there equally! 
i really do.
but this one seems kinda fun.
The sweet Anna from Lona De Anna + Debby of Inspired Design tagged me in this game.
To repost the 6th photo I ever posted.

Sad news...when i looked at my archives, the 6th photo i posted is now FORBIDDEN. ugh.
So, I chose a photo I posted before I knew what I was doing on my blog.
This super stylish girl from Stockholm Street Style.
This was YEARS ago and I wanted to recreate this look on me but I never did.
Now I am inspired to do it again!
So thanks, ladies for the inspiration + memories.
she is too cute, no?

And now to pass this award on (and stay in the 'memory' spirit), I am choosing the first girls who gave me big comment love when i was still a super baby to you beautiful ladies!!!

Michelle @ Bohemian Season 
Bethany @ DirksenDabbles

my first actual blog mate
Louise @ Table Tonic
my first "hang out in real life" blog friend.
Terri @ LaDolfina