office space of the day...kardashian style + SIX TO BLISS

I think I have died and gone to decor heaven. This is the office space of Khloe Kardashian and I am obsessed and literally dying for it!
black and white chevron chairs + amazing desk,chandelier + purple all over = 
domestic bliss x 10

want Khloe's designer's SIX TO BLISS?
(read on for designer Jeff Andrews 6 secrets to home office bliss)

  1. Desk chair. This chair is from a designer, trade-only showroom. Occasionally, this type of store will open their doors to consumers to buy direct. Keep an eye out for these (the LA Mart in Los Angeles has one coming up soon) and choose a showroom floor model. You can get high-end style and refinement at a fraction of the price.
  2. Guest chairs. These are vintage chairs Khloe owned but didn’t love. Rather than be wasteful, I found two great fabrics, one with subtle sparkle and one solid, and reupholstered the chairs. Reusing and repurposing furniture and accessories is a great way to be green! It is also a great way to save money. You can reupholster on literally any budget from DIY to high-end. Another tip is to use the same fabric, again in two ways, to make custom throw pillows. You can find fabric at so many locations from craft stores to flea markets to places like the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles.
  3. Shelves and chandelier. To add glitz, dimension, and visual interest to the shelves in Khloe's office, we added antique mirror to the back of the shelves. Again, this is something that can be done on any budget with a quick trip to your local glass shop. We also added glamour with the chandelier. I customized the piece with cut bohemian black crystals that I purchased separately and added for maximum effect.
  4. Painting is something that pretty much everyone can afford to do, and most of us can handle doing ourselves! For Khloe's office, I used a deep shade of gray/lavender (Benjamin Moore – Stone) on the walls, and I painted the ceiling a lighter shade of lavender (Benjamin Moore – Angelika). The dark trim is a custom color that was mixed by the painter on site. Use a paint deck and other color samples to help put together your palette. Make sure to look at the samples at different times of day and night before selecting a color as lighting changes color dramatically.
  5. Three ways to add style, substance and personality to your room. Keep things alive and seasonal with fresh flowers. Vintage stores, flea markets, and resale shops are great places to find interesting and unique vases and vessels. Grab a bundle of flowers when you stop at the farmers market or at the grocery store. Photos and personal mementos (such as bobble heads on Khloe's desk) add a personal touch to the space. No room is complete without photos of family, friends, and loved ones! Buy frames that catch your eye and mix and match. Keep an eye out for sales and promotions at frame shops by subscribing to enewsletters. Finally, books! Art books are a great gift to give and receive. There are usually several great coffee table books to choose from at any good bookstore. You can always find a fun art book about a topic that you find interesting from design to fashion to music.
  6. Window treatments. For the windows, we chose these fabulous charcoal / purple sheers that filter light and really up the "glam factor" of this room. They really pull the room together and make it feel complete. I think that too many people neglect window treatments. Curtains and other window options can get very expensive, but if you do your research, you can make smart, stylish decisions that don't break the bank. Think about function — do you need to block out light completely? Do you need privacy from your window coverings or are they just for effect? Online is a great place to monitor for sales and promotions for both window coverings and hardware.