dear decorista,

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Dear Decorista,
Hi Ashlina! I am a big fan of your blog and I really love your style. I like how you give inspiration from all decorating styles as I have yet to decide my own. I am now inspired to get my home more to a 'stylish' standard and I have decided to begin with the kitchen. I owe it to your posts on blissful kitchens. I live with my boyfriend, in a small apartment by the beach, so we have a really small space. My question is, What am I supposed to do with the space above the cupboards? Right now we use that area  for storage (which we desperately need) but I'm tired of looking at the eye sore and want it to look stylish and not cluttered. Please help...I would love some inspiration!
Sarah K. (Orlando, Fl)

Dear Sarah,
I am so flattered that you would ask my advice on this AND that you are a regular reader (thank you!)
You have brought up a very good question that I have actually asked myself before. Everyone comes across this problem at some point. The space above the kitchen cabinets is the most underrated and unused space. I really believe that it has so much potential. 
I really love the look of collections, think matching dishes, beautiful glass in the same color or all white ceramic jugs. These should be easy to find at flea markets all over the country.
However, in your case I am really thinking that baskets would create the best solution to your challenge.
Big wicker baskets can provide tons of storage space for you to hide an unsightly mess. 
There are super great deals on baskets at Ikea + Target, if you have a Home Goods near you, I would hit that up as well.
Here are a few photos for your inspiration!

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