your decorating style...

Tonight I was out at a dinner, and one of the dinner guests and i got to chatting about my blog.
I love discussing blogging because I feel it is something everyone should do.
I am a huge proponent of expressing yourself and making friends while sharing common interests.

Interestingly enough, I was seriously stumped by one simple question.
What is your design style?
To be honest, I have no particular style. 
When I walk into a blank room, I get a feeling for the room and love to create the mood, 
the vibe, the feeling. I truly believe each person, and their space becomes its own theme and I don't like to pigeonhole myself into one particular style.
Now, I can confirm this because I was emailed these photos and 
asked which one I like better...and I have no answer! 
They all look like perfection to me, just different moods.
You guys tell me...
Which one would be more your style???