what makes me happy!

The very very sweet blogging Practical Princess passed along 
a Happy 101 blog award. 
Her blog is adorable and I hope all of my readers check out her style.
I am so honored to be her recipient and I wanted to share with her and all of my awesome readers what actually makes me happy.

1. blogging...lately the comments, support and love brings a 
smile to my face and warms my heart.
2. my sweet furbaby Sophie...oh my goodness she just gives me 
joy every single day.
3. to say my boyfriend might sound cliche so i am just going to say LOVE...
i love everything about love, love stories, love photos, love notes, all of it. 
4. the ocean...everytime i drive out to our coast a feeling of joy just
takes over my entire self. leaves me speechless.
5. thrift shopping...oh boy the joy of finding a treasure 
is the most exciting feeling. i love it!
6. my blackberry...it makes my life so easy and exciting. i love connecting 
through emails, texts, phone call, and photo messages.
7. my family + friends...our dinner parties + game nights make me so happy
8. entertaining...goes with #7...i love taking care of the people that i love,
cooking, serving, lighting candles, setting the mood, chatting and sharing food is such bliss.
9. books...i absolutely love the smell of a brand new book. ugh! so good. especially 
design + decorating books.
10. God...i am very strong in my faith and i appreciate so much being 
a Christian and knowing God's love is all around us.

and now I want to pass along this happiness award to blogs that make me happy too! 

Thank you girls for bringing happiness to my world!