secret to domestic bliss #8...decorate in threes

To keep up on my design chops, I once read a Feng Shui book
 and to be honest I only got a few things out of it
that seemed realistic to my decorating tastes. 
One of them being that decorating in three's creates harmony in the home.
I didn't know how to incorporate that into my style because I adore symmetry.
I quickly realized in design school that decorating in three's just makes sense,
it creates balance to the room without being too matchy-matchy.
 If ever you are in doubt of how to work accessories or items into your room
without looking overly done, just stick with the rule of threes.
trust works.

Here, three pillows balance the art + lamps.
sets of 3 pillows on couch corners is perfection

3 vertically placed frames warm up these windows
3 pairs of mirrors provide a large scale focal point.
a group of 3 happy blue vases is bliss
3 mirrored panels are a perfect match with this low setee

notice the blue file boxes in groupings of 3.
3 candlesticks + 3 stacks of books make a beautiful tablescape
add 3 items to the fire mantel for simplicity
try 3 layered framed photos....
or try 3 hanging ones above the bed
stack books in groups of 3 to keep them looking tidy
or use 3 book shelves to calm the madness
3 mirrors above a bed is too cute
3 panels of framed artwork in this bedroom keeps it traditionally perfect.
to add color, put 3 matching pillows on the bed
these 3 black tall table stands on the right, completely balance the frames + lamp on the left.