secret of domestic bliss #10...add an art wall

Art walls are all the rage. 
Because I work in an art gallery, I know how badly people want to create the look of an art gallery in their home.
 Quite frankly, I think it just looks cool.
No matter if you have 5$ art from the local fair or 10,000$ Monets,
it is completely stylish to create the look in your own space.
Then, when guests come over, it makes for a great conversation starter.
For a hostess...that's always a good thing.

Art wall by Anna, she is awesome!

I absolutely love the 'above the staircase' look. Old Skool.
sometimes just a jumble of beautiful frames is all you need.
If you space them really close together it looks like a beautiful collage.
and don't be afraid to throw in other elements, like a mirror.

Symmetry goes a long way + can mage a huge impact!

and if you are an artist like mariska, then put up your own.

all black frames + white mattes give your wall a super crisp look.
Keeping with the same theme of art makes a cool statement too! artwall just makes you happy!

some photos i have had in my files forever and don't know the source.
if you find a photo of yours, email me and i will be happy to credit you!