secret of domestic bliss #19...perfecting the art of decorating with your dishware

I know we have seen this time and time again, but honestly I want everyone to know what an impact displaying your dishes can do for your home.
It is just a shame to keep beautiful dish ware hidden and out of sight.
How fantastic would it be to create an art like focal point loaded with loving treasures?
Perhaps they are from a relative and passed down through generations or even just from a fun store, all in your favorite all can look very heavenly.
No matter how or where you decide to display them, just make sure you do it with love.
DON'T be intimated on hanging them. I love to use dischangers, they make it super easy! 
Feast your eyes on these favorites of mine for some inspiration!

This might be my favorite photo...aren't these historical dishes so adorable?
{eddie ross for Lonny...he is truly brilliant}

images courtesy of...
martha stweart