secret of domestic bliss your walls some paper love

I originally intended this blog for my friends who need inspiration for decorating their homes 
and apartments. My best friends from college who are just now buying homes and want them to be the best on the block, but have no idea how to make it work. 
And with children and bills, the last thing they can afford is a decorator...
I keep getting emails from my girlfriends asking for advice.
Hence. Here I am sharing my thoughts.

Ladies...and your men. 
(I am giving you my rule and it should be #1...)
and I know my fellow bloggers will agree.
please do not be afraid to use wallpaper!!!!
I know I have said this so many times but I am so serious. 
As a decor-ista, wallpaper has become my best friend.
Here is all kinds of inspiration for ya.

Notice the wallpaper that just borders along the ceiling. cute huh?

i love what Averill did in her clients bathroom.
don't be afraid to just wallpaper an entryway either.

black and white stripes may be bold but it wins my heart everytime!


you could also do something like this pink number in a girls room or bathroom.