secret of domestic bliss #3...feminine fragrance

Have you ever been to someones home and been blown away 
by how great it smells?
There is something very chic about a woman whose home smells incredible.
Friends from Paris got met started on Lampe Berger.
This is my secret weapon in making my home smell delicious.
Everyone always asks me "what is that amazing smell?
I usually just show them a candle, but in reality this lamp is the secret.
Lampe Berger has patented a lamp that burns anti-bacterial oil into the home.
It purifies the air and leaves a fragrance that lasts for hours.
There are hundreds of choices in lamps that suit your home decor and 
there are also dozens of lovely fragrances.
They can be a bit spendy, but ebay usually has some great ones for cheap.
Here are some you might like...

Can you imagine your home smelling exactly like your favorite smell?
Whatever you like, you can choose and create your own domestic bliss instantly.