my birthday wishlist.

I absolutely love making birthday wishlists.
It might be partly because of my obsession with making lists of any kind, and this one happens to be really magical + dreamy.
Turning another year older reminds me of the things that I really want to accomplish in the new year. There are so many things I wanted to do before I turn 30. This Friday, my 29th birthday means that I have to really get down to business and make those dreams happen. Sigh!

Till then, here are a few things that would make my year much much brighter!

A romantic trip to Italy with my lovebird...
and a new kate spade passport holder to accompany me on my many travels.

Lots and lots of candles for my home, I truly can never get enough...I love tuberose and gardenia.
A delicious pair of silky pajamas from Victoria's Secret.
Design books, Decorating books, entertaining books + any and all books by Dorothy Draper.
the Mr. Pink Diana camera for my new years resolution to take more pictures...