shades of blue

Everyone remembers this photo, right?

I'm sure you are missing Domino as much as I am. I know, I know...don't remind us.
I was smart enough to have subscribed to Domino, so I have every single issue that ever hit the shelves. I have collected tear out pages from each one and I put all of the pages into huge portfolios that sit right under my bedside table. Every so often I pull them out and devour the pages. I recently looked at the pages with this tiffany blue kitchen and i remember feeling love at first sight. I am inspired and loving blue kitchens, makes me want to repaint mine and start all over again. Health tip: I heard through the grapevine that the color blue turns off the appetite. This means that painting your kitchen blue could help you lose weight. Maybe its just a myth, but color stories are usually true. What do you think?

{images from countryliving}