its upon us....

it's right around the corner...

once that infamous ball drops...
2009 is O-V-E-R...

What am I ever going to do with myself?
At times I can't believe there are not more days in this year. I had so much more that I wanted to accomplish. I guess I can just attack 2010 with gusto. 
At church this Wednesday we are going to make our lists of GOALS for 2010.
I am soo procrastinating making my list...I feel like I barely just finished my Christmas list,

Here are my 10 in 2010........(drum roll please)

Resolution #1. This year I will to pray more. 
It's funny how little I remember to pray for and stay positive in faith. It is something that I always want to do. To be thankful for each and every blessing that I have. This also means that I will make a huge attempt to attend church every Sunday and sing God's praises.
Resolution #2. I will write everyday.
I love blogging and even though I am not even near an expert at it, I find that it is the best thing I have ever experienced. Blogging allows you to let your creative juices flow out into cyberspace where the world is your audience. It's fascinating! I have always dreamt of being a writer, but I couldn't take enough years in college to do all that I have ever wanted to do. 
Resolution #3. I will experience all of LA that I have yet to.
The Getty, Catalina Island, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, a Dodgers game, Disneyland, Downtown Fashion District, Los Feliz shopping, etc. There are so many great things that Los Angeles has to offer. I try to get out of town almost every weekend because I love to travel and experience everything. But this year I vow to try to stay home and explore this beautiful city. 
Resolution #4. I will Eat Macrobiotic food.
Last year I went on a macrobiotic diet to cleanse my body and get rid of all the toxins. You would be surprised if you knew everything that we do in a year to our bodies. Most people have probably never even done a cleanse. Needless to say, macrobiotic food was fantastic. I loved every minute of it. I felt so full always and my body felt so nourished. It's so hard for me to stay away from my morning iced coffees but this 2010, I vow to try harder to eat cleaner food and in the end, feel better.
Resolution #5. I will Buy more vintage.
This year I really have come more into a love of thrift shopping and vintage items and I really want to keep it up. I get so lured to walk into the beautiful new stores, Barney's, Nordstroms, Anthropologie, Bebe...but I resolve to BUY MORE VINTAGE. It certainly is easier on the wallet + easier on the environment. Gotta love that! 
Resolution #6. I will Take more photographs.
Oh boy am I gonna try. In my previous post, I explained my new fascination with photography. I think every blogger gets this, its contagious. The whole precept of blogging is deliriously beautiful imagery. My grandfather was the master of photography and I want to make him proud. 
Resolution #7.  I will advance in my yoga.
I love yoga. Nothing makes me feel better in the mornings and nothing makes me feel more at peace. I can work out everyday and feel amazing, but there is simply nothing more fulfilling than mastering a new yoga pose. This I will do, thanks to my countless brilliant yoga teachers.
Resolution #8. I will adopt a dog. 
My boyfriend has promised me a puppy. We are on the search for the perfect dog to add to our lives. I lost my Chihuahua about 2 years ago and my life was definitely impacted by my little guy. He was the joy of my days and my best friend. I think in 2010 I will be ready to get a new best friend. 
Resolution #9. I will Throw more dinner parties.
In addition to all of my other hobbies, I think I am Martha Stewart. No, seriously, I totally do. In fact, at times, I feel like I could compete with her. Now I know that I am a far cry from this woman but I feel so powerful in the kitchen. Everytime I work my magic and create a dish, I feel so accomplished and so strong. I feel WOMAN! Now I know my boyfriend is ridiculously sweet and loves, and I mean loves each and everything I put in front of him. I am so blessed. 
On a Saturday night, there is nothing I would love more than to have a few friends over, decorate my pad, whip up some dishes and pour out the wine. Dinner parties are the best and this year I vow to host more. Why not?!?
Resolution #10. (Last but not least)  I will generate a hefty savings.
I probably have made this one before. In fact, I know I have. I never stick to it, I always spend it because I feel that experiences are so much more valuable than money. BUT, this year I will save! Suze Orman says I should and that alone is enough for me. If this economy has taught me anything, this is what I know, saving your money is a must! This one is not going to be easy for me but for my own benefit I hope + pray that I am able to stick to it. 
Here I come 2010! Watch out for this girl.
 I am going to rock your socks off!