a holidays worth of memories

So, our little holiday dinner party turned out to be a huge hit. My cousin (the lovely roommate) and I worked so hard on making our cozy + blissful home into a party pad.
The dinner was fantastic, we had tortellini and fresh turkey meatloaf, amazing sauces and a cheese platter that anyone would die for. In fact, one of our party goers stayed at the cheese spread all night. ;) (i heart you matty!)
I love holiday parties and the holiday spirit! 

UNFORTUNATELY, our wacko neighbors have been complaining about bedbugs...
(sidenote: their place is so cluttered and messy and they always leave their trash 
by the front door for weeks...yuck!)
The ORKIN men came the day after our dinner party, turns out they have to exterminate the entire building! ugh.
Our happy + beautiful christmas tree aka 'chrissy' died. 
She couldn't handle the poisons. 
Needless to say, we are utterly bummed.
Bright side: we get to do the whole 'decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music' madness all over again. 
I guess its worth looking at the brightside.
For now, some pictures from the fiesta to document our beloved Chrissy!

my cousin and i (the happy hosts)

we miss you Chrissy!