Candles, candles everywhere!
 I love the beginnings of the holidays because it means at any point in time it is OK to start the Christmas embellishments (ie. music, candles, decorations, lights,etc.) has a cute step-by step guide to creating an uber cute holiday centerpiece. 
Please, get creative with it. By ALL means, go ALL out! It's your table, make it your own! 

Materials and Tools:

2 large white glittering tree-shaped candles  2 small glittering white candles  2 medium glittering white candles  1 large glittering white candle 4 tall champagne flutes several strands of beaded crystal garland  small clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls  large clear, white or silver glass Christmas balls 2 bags of artificial snow


1. Place two large white tree-shaped candles approximately 16 inches apart in the center of a server, console or dining room table.

2. Place the tall champagne flutes in a staggered row behind tree-shaped candles. Surround champagne flutes and tree-shaped candles with artificial snow (figure A).

Figure E

3. Fill champagne flutes two-thirds full with snow (figure B). Arrange small, medium and large glittering white candles around tree-shaped candles and in front of champagne flutes, place the smallest candles toward the front of the arrangement.

Figure D

4. Next, add clear or silver ornaments to the arrangement, nestling them into the snow (figure D).

Figure F

5. Drape beaded crystal garland from champagne flutes; tucking the garland ends into the snow in each flute. To help hold the garland in place, pile small silver, clear or white glass ornaments in the top of each flute (figure F).

6. Sprinkle more snow on table around the base of the arrangement to resemble a snow drift, light candles and enjoy the simple, elegant and frosty centerpiece.