san francisco

wow. how the months have flown by. i better get all up to speed on the first half of my 2009
  • i finally made the move to san francisco (although i miss the sunny so cal cities)
  • i left the design world and lead my heart towards all that is pretty (i LOVE this word)
  • AVEDA has been my world on the day-to-day
  • i met the guy of my dreams (more on him later)
  • i've done lots of traveling to new cities (cabo, palm springs, tibburon,etc...)
  • i officially converted to wearing flats, despite my love of the 4 inch heels
  • i have fallen for public transportation
  • i survived the transition
  • i made adorable new friends!!! 
  • i cuddled with my roommates chihuahua, MAX, a lot!
  • i realized how much i love my people in LA more than i could ever have imagined!
i heart you!