surfing the web

i read this from some girl in San Francisco....blogging about her me so much inspiration

she says....Also, even though I've been sort of "nesting" lately, this whole experience brought me back to what I love the most about traveling: making connections. I think there are few things in life that are better than the spontaneous friendships that come to us while traveling... Oh! I speak of the delights of sharing sunsets, meals, tips, soulful conversation, laughs or simply a bumpy bus ride... These moments are nothing but delicious and unforgettable. And that is what I want to create here. A place to connect, a hub for information, a bridge, an incentive to travel and a safe harbor where this community can find shelter and fun on the road.
And since I can't go traveling right now, I want to keep this feeling of openness alive and invite all of you to look at your life as an adventure as well. Free yourself to possibility and invite special moments in by simply following your heart's interests and clues. Sometimes the main journey is exactly where you are. Let happiness come your way...