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Tuesday, July 15

One illusion in life that gets us into lots of trouble is the feeling that there isn't enough good stuff to go around.It's like watching your favorite dessert being sliced before your eyes and everyone reaching in for a big, thick piece, and it's still nowhere near your turn. You start thinking you're going to be left out, so you quickly come up with strategies to make sure you definitely get your share.Most of our daily thoughts involve keeping someone else from getting theirs.Now imagine the relief you'd feel if the waiter walked out of the kitchen carrying two more trays of dessert, fresh out of the oven, and announced that there were several more baking. You'd realize then that there was more than enough for everybody. And you'd realize that there was no need to expend all that energy on stressing over your slice, the size of it, the quality, the order in which you received it. You could have relaxed and just enjoyed yourself the whole time.Keep working, moving forward, sharing and caring about the people who cross your path. You'll get your slice in due time. The harder you work for it, the tastier it'll be.
* Yehuda Berg...kabbalah.com