habitually chic...

*from Habitually Chic blog

i like to think at times that i have amazing style and taste. then i stumble across pictures of the apartments of stylish women and im like...hmmm. i gotta get my game up.
this girl, olivia polermo is the ultimate NY socialite....her closet it MY DREAM CLOSET...but its funny when i see the rest of her apartment, i realize we have similar styles...and notice the cute little elephants on her window. and the breakfast at tiffanys shot i have in my own bedroom. i may not be a millionare, but in my own beverly hills bungalow, with my average paycheck....i live a similarly stylish life. that makes me feel SO BLESSED! and i owe it all to the wonderful creator, my GOD, my Light! thank you for blessing me!!!!!!!!!