Sometimes I seriously feel like the luckiest girl in the world. So i spent the end of my 2007 in Washington DC with my friend Jerome. I call him Jay-Rome. We are old old friends back from Texas but he now lives in DC. The minute I landed I just felt so excited. DC is goregous...the monuments, the history. You just feel the city humming with a crazy energy. I got teary eyed the minute I laid eyes on huge president Lincoln, i think he is my favorite....well besides JFK. We did shopping and restaurants and football (yay packers!) and we even went to GREAT FALLS. We spent NYE at PARC, a sweet 4 level nightclub that was seriously super CHIC nightclub. It was such a blast...I am so lucky to have a friend like Jay-Rome. We had great conversation and great memories. Thanks Jay....FOR EVERYTHING!xoxo