I must spread the word! This book is one of the most amazing and inspirational stories i have ever read. It has completely changed my view on life... and It was brought to me in the most crazy way. Every girl i have spent time with lately has told me about this book, some more than others. While i was in DC, three of the many girls that i had met told me that i HAD to read this book....the last girl told me the premise of the story.

"Its about a woman who had the perfect life, job, husband, house etc. Who felt so incomplete and decided that she must set out on a journey to find balance between pleasure and devotion. She travels through Italy, India and Indonesia. She lets go of all over her rules and ultimately finds love with a Brazilian man."

OF COURSE i was going to buy this book! Are you kidding me? Anything to remind me of my Brazilian man....i bought it the next morning and finished it in 3 days. Trust me its a must read!

"live in love"