BIG NEWS! here it is! (by the request of tara)
my blog to keep you updated on my life of fun and adventures out here in california.
i miss all of my texas friends and family SO much!!!!!
so incase anyone has missed it, i moved to LA with tuyet to explore a new city. WE LOVE IT!
im working in the interior design industry out here which is way cool. I meet great people and i am around the most beautiful furniture and art in the world.
everyday is a new adventure here i swear, things happen so fast! biggest news is that i met a guy(here at work), and he is awesome. He is an Aussie! He invited me out to Sydney to visit him and i am leaving to go see him August 7th. I am so nervous and so excited. I know it sounds really crazy but i cant wait to go. To get to travel across the country and explore the new city.
(above are some pics the aussie sent me from his beach house)

I cant wait to tell you all about it.
"live in love"