Chairs are everything.

 Chairs are to me, what shoes are to most girls...
I think this should be my motto. I literally squeal when I see a really good chair and if I could, I would have an entire house full of chairs. In fact, my small little apartment has a whole slew of chairs. In random places of course because there really is not enough room. If I had more room, there would be more chairs. 
So, this dining room with gorgeous gold chairs and table literally struck my heart. Wow. I can't get over the delicious shade of purple velvet. Can I just have these please?
 I'm also really feeling these black and white chairs in Molly Sims dining room. Her designer, is my sweet friend Kishani Perera, and this girls style is out of control good. I love the black stripe down the middle. So creative. So different. So good.
 The minute I saw these white stunners, I thought to myself..."woah. we are not in Kansas anymore" These are something next level serious. white with a pop of leopard and insanely shaped. Now this is a work of art. 
Which leads me to finalize my love affair with these gold and cream beauties. So sophisticated and sexy. The modern glamour look works every single time. 


Over the weekend I was chandelier shopping all over this city for my clients new space...
There are so many incredible chandeliers out there, I sincerely wanted to take home about 5 of them. I love a dramatic chandelier, especially in the dining room. So when I saw this dining room by Stephen Sills in a Manhattan apartment, I was moved to madness...It's so good!
 The couple who the apartment was designed for is from Paris and thats clear with all of the beautiful French elements in this space. However, what I really find myself drawn to is the mix of the Parisian parts with the ultra glam and modern pieces and accents thrown in the mix. I mean I love this gold screen and tiger print carpet. The mixing of styles here is utterly magical. 
 This entryway is bangin'. Simple, chic and the mixing of silver and gold is so hot right now. 
 How about the flooring here? Its so chic, I love the contrast of dark and light woods with a chevron pattern. This is very fresh. Oh, and gold shimmery curtains, is he serious? I love it. 
 I am so into all the daring design risks in this apartment, but when you have so much glamour, you need a little bit of calmness to balance it out. This room does just that, and it just looks effortless...
images via AD photography by François Halard


I don't know what it is about me these days but I am bringing in new flowers every other day because I am loving different colors throughout my home. Is it a little weird that now that I have colored my bedroom, I am dying to color up my bathroom in a really bold and totally random color? I think it might have something to do with National Painting Week being this bedroom makeover post coming soon.
Now I am doing everything I can to hold myself back from getting a can of coral and painting my bathroom away. The color is just so happy and beautiful and would perk me up every single morning that I take a shower. 
 How rich and majestic is this color, its just killing me right now. So good. 

I even adore coral accessories on a more neutral wall, thats fab too. 
Should I do it, should I take the plunge???

images 1-amanda nisbet. 2+4+6- houzz. 3+5 

Dining in Madrid, old hollywood glam style

Ever since I went to Madrid, I have been dreaming about going back. The first stop on my places to visit...The Restaurant La Terraza del Casino. This restaurant is designed by Hayon Studio and I am just blown away by the glamorous style.
 I'm absolutely in love with the hostess desk, this bit geometric shaped white thing is just perfection. Topped off by a beautiful little gold lamp it makes such a grand statement.
 The choices of chandeliers really set the tone for the space, all of the swag and old hollywood glamour that you could ask for. 

My favorite part might be the diamond patterned mirrored wall. It is such a match made in heaven with the black and white checkered floor. Oh, and the oversized fruit art just does it for me too. So fresh.

images via haydon


 With all of this rain and gross weather in NYC I am craving some bright, vivid color. While putting together some images for a new client, I came across these absolutely incredible hot pink chairs. This very minute I think I decided that I need these in my dining nook...
I love the way hot pink looks against these dark walls in this lovely SF apartment.
Bold color really has me going lately.

images via apartment therapy

Wallcolor Wednesday...purple dining area

Currently I'm painting my bedroom a lovely shade of lavender. It's moody and has almost a vintage vibe to it. I was inspired by so many different shades of purple that I found in dining areas. I much prefer purple in the bedroom than the dining but these spaces are kinda hot. Anyway, I went a head with a certain color I know you guys will love! Here are a few that really struck my fancy. 
I have always loved this dining area by Miles Redd. High gloss lavender. Oh, yeah.
images via


this is what my life feels like. Working up a storm and everything spread out on the dining table. Luckily, I am a designer so everything that is laying around is beautiful and full of vibrant colors and patterns. I especially love a really beautiful long dining table. I am not lucky to have a space that big yet...for now I am all about round or...octagonal perhaps.

images 1//2-domino mag//3

bliss in the kitch' in kitchens

So, in my new little space...
(pics to come soon I promise) I have an eat in kitchen area. It's absolutely adorable and I am so excited to get to decorating it. This weather is limited me from scouring the streets. I really want a fab table and some vintage chrome or brass dining chairs. This would be my dream.
I do, however, also like the look of french seating because of the curves. Then I could mix with a more modern table. I think I prefer round as opposed to square or rectangular, though. 
This is such a fabulous mix. The trusty Ikea table mixed with some super fabulous Restoration Hardware seating. Gotta love that. I love love this look with two chairs + a bench. 
I did this in this apartment. The black and white stripes on the seating pulled it all together. I think this  really is a winning combination.

I prefer a mirror but I do adore these cutely put together art walls. Such a great alternative idea.

onetwo. three. four. five. six. seven. 


 This morning I had an incredible breakfast talking to a fella about potential collaborations. We talked about the genius of a good masculine style apartment. Masculine decor is one of my silent obsessions. So, when I laid my eyes on this dining room, I fell instantly in love. At first sight, the combo of the straw chairs and acrylic chairs really looks chic. The masculinity of this glamorous and chic space is stunning...seriously stunning...

 Dark walls and furnishings from probably the most incredible vintage markets in the world. I can't imagine how insane this looks in person. Leopard rugs are always essential in a space like this, too.
images found here

Not your ordinary chair...

I think I am getting a little homesick. After all of this hurricane mess, I just really want to be with my family right now more than ever. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I leave for Paris in 9 days and then fly home to Texas for Thanksgiving and my cousins wedding. It's about to get really hectic over here.
Having said that, what I am looking forward to the most is being home and having family dinners around the dining table. While my family is very stylish and appreciates good furnishings, I really wish they would get a little more snazzy with the seating....

Right now I am just over the moon for dining chairs with metal. You all recently saw my clients new brass + lucite barstools which are just so incredibly good I can't stand it. Metals are so in for seating right now I am just loving it. An upper east side client of mine and I recently did some chairs like these above. We found 6 vintage chairs like this and had them recovered in white ostrich leather (faux of course). They are so spectacularly gorgeous and glamorous and budget friendly, too! 
I always love a good chair + banquet seating combo. So good. 

image sources found here 


Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, my site got hacked and I have no idea how it happened. Such a bummer. Anyway, I am preparing for styling a shoot this next week and I've been hunting for some good styling accessories. One of my most favorite decorating accessories is the ever so sophisticated OBELISK. Every glam designer uses them from Mary McDonald to Kelly Wearstler to Miles Redd. So chic, I love to use them too...

They really are great because they come in different heights and colors and finishes, so naturally they work well in any situation. Consoles in the entryway, coffee tables in the living, dining tables in the parlor, etc. 
I can not get enough of the beautiful things. If you are looking for some, ebay has all kinds. I've also found them at Target, Home Goods and my local thrift stores. We got one client of mine one for about $25 at home goods and her guests are always asking her about it, its that gorgeous! 

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Art + room: pretty portraits

gorgeous rug + amazing chrome/wood table + black accent wall + chandelier + portrait of a lady =
domestic bliss
Portraits are always a keeper when it comes to home decor, I think they give a sense of nostalgia and history to a space...

While one single portrait can make a beautiful statement no matter what room, a group of portraits is also very chic. I can really describe why it looks so great, but I find that it really makes me want to create stories about the people in them. That in and of itself can be a fabulous conversation starter. 
Of course, because I love all things feminine, the female portraits are so sweet and lovely. I am constantly looking through the cities thrifts and fleas for good ones. Haven't found one yet, but i'm on the lookout. I'll keep you posted! 

1. image via design crisis (Erin Williamson) 2/3/4/5/6


This summer, its the exotic things that call out my attention and chairs just happen to be one of my favorite parts of decor. Chairs in exposed or exotic woods, wicker, bone inlay, and even those with incredibly chic exotic fabrics are essential items for the home right now...

While my apartment is on the more hollywood glamour side, I think a nice and cozy chair like this would be such a cute addition to my space. I could throw on a little exotic pillow and call it a day. 
Something like this cute wicker guy with a cozy shape and that open and airy feeling could be the perfect fit. 
Even as I daydream about my future huge NYC apartment, I can totally see something like these gorgeous bone inlay chairs for my white dining room...perfection, no?


I recently purchased a set of vintage chrome dining chairs for a client. Six of the sparkly, metallic beauties make the dining room that much more glamorous. I cannot wait to see the way they make the dining room sing. They are vintage and need to be recovered but they are ready to be turned into show-stoppers! I scored these guys at a killer price too...

Aren't they glam? They sparkle and shine so well. We are going to recover them in a fabulous white croc leather or maybe even a rich and gorgeous kelly green velvet. We are working out the details but I am getting inspiration from these fab photos.
 Maybe her husband would love a buttery tan leather...
I just love them all.

1/2/3/4/domino magazine.


Over the weekend I decided to finally take a much needed vacation and spend some time with my family. It was everything I needed and more considering the city has been so busy and hectic lately. I had a wonderful time sleeping in and taking my eyes away from emails and the computer screen and actually look at green! However, my favorite part about the home is the dining banquette (not pictured for privacy purposes of course) but I just had to collect a few images of one I adore, to keep the memory of my fabulous weekend alive...
This boho pad is so fun...I love the rugs...
I just LIVE for this pink geometric dining fab! 
This one seems more like something I could implement into my next apartment in the city.

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Office space of the day...Adore Home Magazine April/May

pretty white pieces + pops of pink office supplies + chanel ottoman + graffiti artwork =
domestic bliss

Loving the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine. It's really fun and bright and has totally inspired my work. Here are a few of my favorite photos...

 I can't get over the look of this pretty bathroom, the mirrored cabinets had me at hello. I also love the grey towels and wicker baskets to really give some warmth to the cold, modern fixtures.
 Pretty pillows = cozy bedroom. That pretty fur throw is yummy looking too! 
 Black and white striped breakfast nook, HELLO...this is my favorite.
 Another cozy bedroom and another faux fur throw...I also love the oversized mirror behind the bed.
 Total new york glam apartment. I love this look. I also am seriously in love with the pops of pink, and lucite bar cart/folding tray. So glam, no? I think the sisal rug really gives the perfect touch too.
 "I'm dreaming of a!" 
I think this look is so palm springs pretty. I love the white and chrome touches. Pops of yellow make it very Viceroy. Gotta love that.

3 dining rooms looks perfect for winter

As you can tell from this post or this one, dining rooms are so on my radar right now. I think its the birthday girl coming out in me. I love birthday dinner parties, they are the best. Here are a few looks that I absolutely am loving for this winter time...

When it comes to winter time, woods are everything, so this rustic look is oh so good to me. Imagine lots of dimmed lighting, would be so soothing.
 I adore these gorgeous chrome chairs outfitted in winter white snazzy.
This dining room just gets my girlie heart. I love the puddled tablecloth, glam chandelier and striped dining chairs. The soft palate is so soothing in the winter time too...j'adore! 

art + room... feminine flowers + damien hirst

Art is my favorite part of decorating a home. The artwork always makes the most impact and gives the home its personality. I have fallen severely for this large scale floral art with the peek of a Damien Hirst print in the background...such a perfect mix of art.
glossy white floors + modern white chairs + cool glass dining table + mix of fabulous art =
domestic bliss
How to achieve this marvelous look...



The Art of Living: keep your dining room hip

If you guys love to entertain as much as I do, something I have just got to suggest to you is mixing up your dining room seating....
Sure, all the same chairs looks very fresh and pretty but there is something very chic about mixing in different seating. It keeps things unexpected and a little more interesting. I have a small obsession with chairs...all kinds, but I think its good to keep with similar styles like modern + modern, french louis + greek klismos, etc. It's just really something that will set your dining room apart from everyone else's and make you look a little bit more cool.

I kinda like the look of these together...pretty cute.

images via...decorpad. lonny. designsponge