Art + Room: Black and white abstracts

In preparation for Memorial Day, I am tying up a few loose ends here and there before I head down to Palm Beach...particularly with my clients and their accessorizing needs. Even my own apartment, which is being prepared to shoot, needs some final touches. A big something missing is perfect artwork...
 As much as I love color, my most favorite look has always been the chic paintings done in abstract black and white. There is something about it thats very modern and very chic. I don't care how traditional you want to go in your space or how boho, abstract art looks good anywhere. 
 If you are anything like me, then you believe in high contrast and its impact. Black and white make the perfect non color collision that effortlessly creates something so striking and stunning. 
 The great thing about this particular look is that it goes well in a loud colorful + oh so vibrant dining area...
 or even the most peaceful + simple bedroom.

images via lonny mag, daydreams, hellosukio.

Art + room: pretty portraits

gorgeous rug + amazing chrome/wood table + black accent wall + chandelier + portrait of a lady =
domestic bliss
Portraits are always a keeper when it comes to home decor, I think they give a sense of nostalgia and history to a space...

While one single portrait can make a beautiful statement no matter what room, a group of portraits is also very chic. I can really describe why it looks so great, but I find that it really makes me want to create stories about the people in them. That in and of itself can be a fabulous conversation starter. 
Of course, because I love all things feminine, the female portraits are so sweet and lovely. I am constantly looking through the cities thrifts and fleas for good ones. Haven't found one yet, but i'm on the lookout. I'll keep you posted! 

1. image via design crisis (Erin Williamson) 2/3/4/5/6

art + room: ABSTRACT is the ANSWER

Designer Michael Smith kills it every time. I am in love with this mix of abstract art, art nouveaux, gold and traditional. Artwork just adds that special touch of edgy-ness that really makes it real and not too stuffy. I am always so inspired when designers can achieve that approachability factor... Incredible mix, don't you think?
amazing console piece + sophisticated horse + stacks of books + gold sconces + abstract art =
domestic bliss
why I love abstract art.....

I really love this mix of colors, it makes a perfect abstract vintage art look...

image one. two. three. four. five. six.

art + room... feminine flowers + damien hirst

Art is my favorite part of decorating a home. The artwork always makes the most impact and gives the home its personality. I have fallen severely for this large scale floral art with the peek of a Damien Hirst print in the background...such a perfect mix of art.
glossy white floors + modern white chairs + cool glass dining table + mix of fabulous art =
domestic bliss
How to achieve this marvelous look...



art + room: a little bit abstract

beautiful shaped sideboard + delicate lamp + black wall + pretty pink abstract artwork=
domestic bliss
Right now I can not get enough of great abstract pieces of art in the home. I think I might need some for my apartment.
I go crazy for the contrast of this artwork against this busy floral vintage wallpaper. 
even if the art is just leaned against the makes for an incredibly chic addition.

{pinterest. abigail ahern. tumblr. }

Art + Room: how to create the perfect collection of art

I'm always trying to convince my friends that in tiny little kitchens (thanks to nyc apartments), a surefire way to perk up a little eating area is an art wall. An art wall is a collection of photos or prints that make you smile. 
I love this mix of black and white frames, with a mix of matting colors. It's a great color combo that goes perfectly with the colors of the kitchen. When creating your own art wall, make sure that the photos have a similar theme going on, or in similar color want to make it look like it was done on purpose. That is what will keep it chic and stylish...and give you domestic bliss! 

photos via

Art + Room: how to decorate with art

Art is everything! It is the bones of the room, always. Collecting art for your space is a process, you want to collect over time and make sure to find things that speak to you emotionally and speak to the story of the room. The latest issue of Lonny captures some fantastic spaces...and I personally think its because of the amazing artwork! Ruthie Sommers (one fab LA decorator) chose this whimsical piece for her porch, so tongue-in-cheek
We all know how much I adore photography, and this shot of the majestic ocean stole my heart.
A boombox is so fresh, fun and masculine. A very hip addition to a space. 
This abstract is very artsy and unexpected. I dig it. 
Fun and flirty women standing around...very vintage chic.
I love this portrait that was done by the homeowner, color by numbers sometimes can be fun to do. 
A very cool print adds some interest and will always strike up a good convo.
Nudes are my fave. A very sophisticated and elegant addition.
something about old portraits of stuffy men gives me a nostalgic feeling. I love that. 
Roses. So feminine. So beautiful. The perfect explanation of a woman! And I love the size. 
How picturesque is this gorgeous photo of Paris? Can be great to keep memories of lovely trips. 
Black and white paintings are the ultimate for chic.
This pretty set of waves serves as the perfect guest room piece, relaxing and fun, all at the same time! 
all images via lonny.

art + room: framed scenic paintings

beautiful french furniture + pretty pretty pink + gorgeous gold + beautiful scenic paintings =
domestic bliss
...because of my recent Sophia Loren portrait print, I am now on the hunt for more artwork to put in my bedroom. I think that a painting might just complement that photograph perfectly. Lately, I am all about beautiful scenic paintings. They take you to another place and add a little something to your space. 


art + room {animal art}

gorgeous blue walls + cozy beige sofa + ritzy gold acccents + sexy cheetah painting =
So loving this room, the minute I saw it, I got inspired for something a little more masculine. One way to really dress up a masculine room is animal art. It's so right now and translates into almost any style.
Elephants are usually my favorite, but I am also loving birds, cheetahs and zebras too. I adore this flamingo...too cute.

art + room {my current art obsessions}

pink sectional + flamingo pillows + stark white walls + Slim Aarons photograph =
domestic bliss
The right artwork is to a room as the perfect belt is to an outfit. It's so necessary if you are wanting to convey some serious style. I love art. In fact, most of you don't know, before I went out and started my own business, I was working at an art gallery in Beverly Hills. It's extremely important for art to be personal AND stylish. It gives a room a bit of movement, art absolutely can lend itself to creating the mood for your room. So important. Lately, I am loving photographs and these fabulous finds...
We have all seen this gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor piece, and its pink! Hello. Totally decorista!
black fading into gold, the is the epitome of sophisticated chic...
I adore the way this butterly gives a fluttery feeling to the room, very whimsical. 
Absolutely and I mean absolutely NOTHING says mad style like an Andy Warhol print.


art + room: fabulously colorful

perfectly lined sideboard + beautiful leopard chair + brass sputnik + beautiful graphic artwork =
domestic bliss

Okay, so New York city is absolutely blowing me away. I have been buzzing around this city like crazy. I am most fascinated by the beautiful art galleries... everywhere! This photo totally inspired my day yesterday of hunting this city for the best artwork finds for clients this week. All the artwork in the city is intoxicating!

image via sketch42