What does Blissful Living mean to you?

To me, Blissful Living means designing a life you absolutely love, surrounding yourself with the people and things that light you up and ignite your spirit. Glowing from the inside out in all areas of live. 



Is to help you get 'unstuck' from living a life that feels automatic and stagnant and instead designing a life filled with success, wealth, love, luxury and bliss that you choose for yourself. On your terms!  

I am passionate about women digging deep into their soul and decorating it beautifully. I’m a firm believer that your home is the basis of your world and through a process I call Decor Therapy we can position you to create a home environment that supports you in being your best and living a successful life in all areas. 

Learn how to make small shifts that will remove the blocks keeping you stuck and ignite your fire to manifest ANYTHING you want in your life. I will take you through a specific step-by-step process that I have used myself and for my clients. Over the course of 3 months, you can make big changes in your life and to get you where you want to be. Love, happiness, financial freedom, peace, clarity, joy, etc!  

Together, we will make the necessary changes to your home that will have life changing results. The best part? It's much easier than  you think it is. 


  • CONNECT: We begin our work together with a 90 minute Skype session. Together we learn what makes you tick and what inspires you to take action on your goals, and get clear on what you want to experience in life.  

Our time will be spent going into work on Decluttering, Organizing and Decorating each of the 4 pillars of a blissful life, your mind, body, soul and your home. 

  • DECLUTTER:  Clearing out the clutter in all 4 areas is an incredibly powerful process that when done correctly can impact your life and cause huge shifts that will transform your wellbeing and happiness. With my support and guidance you'll have the tools to clear out the blocks in your life with ease. 
  • ORGANIZE: I’ll teach you how to change your thought patterns and mindsets when it comes to organizing your life so that you are set you up to receive abundance in all areas of your life. You want your mind to be free of stress and overwhelm so that you easily break down any blocks you have that limit your success and manifesting power. 
  • DECORATE: We will set up your home design game plan, get a solid plan in place, which will support you in letting go of the anxiety that comes with updating your home.  I will help you to rearrange your home to an environment that enhances and up-levels your life and takes you where you want to be. We will step-by-step begin to create a blueprint for your dream life, fix your Feng Shui and add enhancements to the home that will have you living life blissfully! 
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