10 things that rocked my world this week...August 17

1. A little behind the scenes action for you guys today. I had a blast with Rue and Emily, one of my absolute favorite photographers around. She made my apartment look so amazing for our shoot this week. So beyond excited for you guys to see the final feature.


2. My living room nook. I fall a little bit more in love with it each day. All white with bits of black and gold just makes my heart soar. My Ankasa pillow is so gorgeous in the middle of that marshmellow sofa.


 3. A little shot from my desk. Nothing makes a desk more lovely than lavender roses. 


 4. Oh, I am so beyond excited to show off my new bedding. My white duvet with lavender borders, just look absolutely perfect in my bedroom.


5. This necklace. It looks stunning on, however it also looks amazing as a decor piece, too. Jewelry is everything.


 6. So are chandeliers. This one in the Gramercy Park hotel is the closest thing to jewelry if I have ever seen one. 


7. New York City. These doors. How incredible are they? 


8. All I wanted to do this week when I had a moment to myself was devour my new book,

How to Decorate

. Its so good and filled with beautiful photos. Nothing better than that.


9. I scored this adorable little glass and gold striped vase in one of my favorite thrift markets. I am so in love with her, she is just so adorable. 


10. I always love to give you guys some

wise words

 because they enrich the heart and inspire your soul. This one really struck me. Lovely.