Join me on a masterful 30 day workshop of clearing the space for your success.

Based on the principles from my book, Blissful Living. I will lead you on a LIVE 30 day program that will add peace, harmony and bliss to your life!

Let's reorganize your life and home from the inside out! 

Through this workshop we will apply practical steps to
regain control over your finances, amp up your confidence with self care routines & rituals, glow from radiant health, connect to your intuition, balance your schedule and
enhance your relationships! i'll teach you how to Use your home to create your bliss. 


workshop DATES: MARCH 1-30

Each day you will receive an email with instructions for your daily lesson + a practical action step. 

First email will go out February 28 with your prep packet + materials. 

SIGN UP BY FEBRUARY 21 to receive a downloadable pdf FREE COPY of my book, BLISSFUL LIVING! I do this so you can understand the principles behind the book and know more of the WHY behind the workshop process.