Books on chairs…

 Okay, so I have just been all over the place sourcing things for my new apartment and I think I am falling in love. Actually, I have to admit, I am in major love with it. Decorating a new apartment just gets me going like no other. In Manhattan, its even better because when you move to a new neighborhood, its like an entirely different city. 
 The east side has some majorly amazing spaces and I am always finding things on the streets. Sofas, dressers, etc. NYC city streets are abounding with amazing things. The other day I found this gorgeous old french chair. It has a little tear on it but nothing that scared me away, her bones are so beautiful. I can always use some extra seating around the house and then thought to myself, “How do I style this?”
 Then it occurred to me…”books!” Maybe a plant, pillow or two but definitely a stack of amazing looking books will do the trick. Loving this look.

images via Lonny. Ryan Korban. Society Social.

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  1. Yeah, I like the books on top and/or underneath w/ an orchid. Wish I knew of areas in Houston that have discarded furniture just hanging out for pick up.

  2. piling books is one of my fave interior design ideas!

  3. Just caught up on your recent posts! I loved them! And I adore books on chairs and books everywhere!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  4. I love this idea!
    It also looks great when you use for instance vogue magazins! ;)

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    Xo maschalina (maschalina designs)

  5. Books are always a great way of accessorizing, and work well just about anywhere… as you have proven.

  6. It is really uncommon that you kept the books and vase on top of chair, but it looks virtuous.

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