LATELY LOVING: grey brick walls

One of the things I love about city living is that architectural elements and details in so many rental apartments. It’s so incredibly inspiring when decorating around them. After Paris, I became secretly obsessed with brick walls. They are all over NYC but something about the ones in Paris really inspired me. However, red brick is just not really my thing so if I can daydream that my home had brick inside, I think I would want to paint it grey…

¬†Obviously grey is such a good neutral color and in my opinion would take an ordinary brick wall to the next level. A little grey paint makes it instantly more chic. So, in my next apartment (which I am still tirelessly searching for) I am going to look for a brick wall because now I am kind of a little obsessed with creating this look. It’s good.¬†

all images were sourced here and here 

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  1. These are gorgeous! I wasn’t sure I’d like it but these pics are great.

    Strive to Thrive,

  2. Gray brick is FANTABULOUS. It’s warm and cool at the same time – I can see it easily in a City apartment or a country home (can’t be said for a lot of colors/details). Never thought to paint brick gray, but it really elevates the material – LOVE IT.

  3. Lovely walls in this amazing color.

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