Style-icious Sunday: Magical and Blue…

As winter approaches I love the design inspirations, and with winter comes the colors of snow. There is nothing that I love than some icy winter blue in my life. This color can be so intoxicating and fresh. It’s really inspiring me today…


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  1. love the black and gold commodes ! and the dress !!
    not sure about the unicorns… ;)
    super pics !

  2. LOVE the first picture! it feels you are in a dream!!

  3. any space with unicorns is swoon worthy!

  4. Wow, beautiful images! I love the sputnik chandelier in the first image and the lucite bench in front of the bed has certainly been added to my lust list. Beth

  5. amazing!!!! blue color and I love the unicorns!!!! they are very magical!

  6. I remember the movie The Player with Tim Robbins, his love interest always wore light blue and white and silver and it has stuck with me for years. I love the iciness of the entrance way. Bit I agree with Alexa, the unicorn heads are morbid.

  7. Hey, we just got back from Paris and I have 3 tips for you:
    1. Victor Hugo’s House at the Place des Voges–his oriental room may be one of the most inspiring things you will see…..and it is free. You will be around that neighborhood a million times.

    2. Astier de Villatte-maybe not your total aesthetic, but really fun–friends of John Derian

    3. Deyrolle-the strangest and coolest store in Paris—2nd floor

    4. Merci–an abc of sorts but with clothes.

    Have so much fun–thanks for sharing your faith of this Lord’s Day.

    Carol Hicks Bolton
    Laboratoire de Design

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