It’s been just over a year now that I have been in my adorable apartment in the city. I moved in July 15th of last summer and thinking about the past year is such a roller coaster of emotions and accomplishments. I can’t even believe its been a year. However, it’s also the time to find a new apartment and this happens to be one of my favorite things in the world…
  Nothing makes me more excited, I just love the whole process. 
As I try to visualize what I want in my next apartment I think to myself, modern, white, a view, dining room, ample room for an office, etc. Then I happened to come across this gorgeous space and I thought to myself, this is EXACTLY what I want…

I love the clean white walls of this apartment and the light floors. It’s located in the upper west side too, so I know its in my dream location. The kitchen is modern with stainless steel appliances and see through shelving. The track lighting is a little ick, but there is a bar and hello a mirror in the kitchen. My favorite decorating trick! 
 Plenty of room for a dining table.

Great lighting in the bedroom and just enough room for a cozy bed with a little extra seating.
 Great bathroom flooring and a clean, white bathroom. It’s sheer perfection! Saying my prayers now. 
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  1. I LOVE those chairs!!!

  2. She is quite stunning! Love how bright and white all the spaces look with lived-in details hugging every corner…that antique mirrored console is the perfect mix of hi/low finds…soothing, light-filled space, turnkey ready!

    Good luck with your apt hunting!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  3. I love the whole look you have going here! This is a great space.


  4. “Your” apartment is perfection! Who wouldn’t love to live in it? Love that it is spacious and bright. Good luck!

  5. You must keep the little yellow duck in the bathroom! Great apartment! All the best!

  6. What an incredible apartment. Love how they mixed some traditional pieces with the modern ones. The art is really coo too! xoxo

  7. stunning! good luck with this I really hope you get what you want. it seems like the perfect space. would love one of these of my own thats for sure! gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  8. Beatrix says:

    Bravo!! Belle ambiance, I love the chairs around the dinner table.

  9. You’re right – its adorable! The white brightness is what gets me – always a stunning backdrop.

  10. Love this look…good luck! xox

  11. Good luck with that move. I’ve been in my place for almost 5 yrs and I’m over it. I’d love to live downtown in a high rise with exposed brick & industrial feel. I’d make it cozy though. I pretty much liked every image of this post except the cat on the counter. Gross. I wish my cat would…

  12. I’m moving too and I’ve been so excited about decorating. I love these looks!

  13. Love the apartment. I wanted to do my livingroom “white” but with a toddler and a doggy it wasn’t such a good idea. Good Luck in the new place!


  14. Great space! I hope that your dream comes true and that you find one just like it for yourself!

  15. Wow this apartment looks amazing! I love all the art on the walls. That’ definitely something I struggle with.

  16. Beautiful rooms ♥
    And I LOVE to move too because you can change many thing sin your home, think about new interiors, go shopping for the perfect accessories to decorate…!

  17. Many renters just like you love to decorate their homes too but for several different reasons. Others want to decorate their apartment because they want to help de-stress themselves, are bored or just want to do something creative. I think it’s a great hobby.

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