Every once in a while, I come across an apartment that just blows me away. When clever couples have super chic mixing style I get very impressed. This adorable couple from Chicago has a very sweet space in the city and I just had to share it…

I love that a husband was cool with a floral carpet like this cabbage rose one and that gorgeous curved sofa with black piping absolutely rocked my world. White studded cocktail tables put together as a coffee table is so cute, too. 
Black walls and cabinetry, a little aztec rug and milk glass in white and green are elements of an uber cute kitchen apartment. I also love this cute little vignette…

images via apartment therapy

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  1. Beautiful couch!

  2. Thanks ffor sharing, i specially love the cauch and the rug with the roses.

  3. OMG, I so love this appartment :) living room is divine…

  4. MY goodness! That lamp!

  5. Great apartment! Love the black in the kitchen!

  6. love the couch!

  7. Sweet pad! It’s awesome you get to see these places! I’m curious, (since I don’t know the guy) what did he influence in this? It looks like the lady got everything she wanted haha but that’s just probably cuz I don’t know his style!

    -Phil Novoa

  8. Dear Ashlina,
    the tables and cushions are great.
    And by the way…I’ve added you to my new Blogroll. : )
    Greetings from Germany


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