I am a firm believer that you never really can have too many mirrors. It opens up the room and they always add a little glamour…

I do love mirrored furniture. Its very chic…
gorgeous emerald green wall with mirrors. love it.

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  1. Love your mirror post, since I am obsessed with decorating with them in every room. I just love how it gives you expanded views of windows, etc. and is like a picture within a picture!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. My fianc√© thinks I need to join mirror lovers anonymous…I can’t help it. They are the perfect amount of glam.

    Xx. Patience

  3. Mirrors can really make a room seem larger! Love this post, especially the faux-window. Brilliant.

  4. I love the ways mirrors can open up spaces!

    Cheers, Elizabeth

  5. I love the mirror as headboard and couldn’t agree more. One of my favorite rooms at the Kips Bay Show House is the small living room/library by Jamie Drake. There are many fantastic details about the room but one of the best is a mirrored wall that completely opens up the room and brings in the amazing river views.

  6. i love the mirror gallery on the walls!!!


  7. Love this decoration and bright color desk! Just beautiful!
    and so gorgeous! I love that first all designs!!

  8. The mirrors on the fifth picture are my favourites. So beautiful!

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