fashion meets decor: FEELING FLORAL

feminine + fancy floral pants 
feminine and fancy floral sofas…

your charm is my perfect trend for spring! 
A floral sofa is the perfect addition to balance a cold, modern look. It’s just so playful and whimsical…how could you not adore?

 I just adore these neon pumps with black floral pants, so charming, no?

fashion images via thefancy,, chictopia
decor images all via tumblr…(if you know the source, shoot me a line and ill update)

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  1. Don’t you think this could go so wrong on so many people? I feel like I remember this happening in the 90′s I actually remember my mom recovering our sofa and then finding a dress in the same fabric at an Ames or Bradlee’s store (like Walmart, KMart, but out of business now). Yikes.

    I say keep the florals on the sofas, not on pants. I love those electric green shoes though!

  2. Absolutely love floral pants! And from looking at the interior designs, I’m thinking of adopting some floral pieces for my room!

  3. oh those infamous H&M floral pants that probably every blogger owns… I include myself in this category as i wore them here
    love the connection between the latest craze and home decor!

    ardena rose

  4. Gorgeous!!!!

  5. PERFECT MATCHING OUTFITS, PRINTS and DECO…nice idee,.,, you are a cRACK

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

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  6. Floral overdrive, I love it!!

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