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This weekend I am welcoming some old friends to town and putting the finishing touches on my apartment…

This weekend it is my mission to find the perfect chandelier. I have a mild obsession with chandeliers, they just might be my favorite item in home decor. So glamorous and always the perfect statement piece. I can’t get enough of how they just elevate a space so marvelously.

Everyone needs one. 
They are perfect in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom, almost anywhere they make magic…no?
Behold a collection of my favorite looks with the perfect chandelier…

(ava antunes. apartment therapy. pinterest. pinterest. coastal living. tumblr. ruemag. decorpad.}

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  1. love the living room in the 1st pic… def a girls-only room; bound to get dirty as hell w/ boys hanging around.

  2. Oh I need a chandelier. have been drooling for a few years now . . . :-)

  3. Wow! Love that first room Ashlina!! ;) Cause I smile everytime I get in that part of my house!! Yup It’s my living room and the funny thing is it’s not an girls-only living room. My husband just has to put up with living with a decorator in the house! (well he loves it!!) Thank you for the mention girl. You rock! take care Ana Antunes

  4. If you find a crystal empire version like the first for a reasonable price I hope you share :) I’m looking for one of those too!

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