art + room: framed scenic paintings

beautiful french furniture + pretty pretty pink + gorgeous gold + beautiful scenic paintings =
domestic bliss
…because of my recent Sophia Loren portrait print, I am now on the hunt for more artwork to put in my bedroom. I think that a painting might just complement that photograph perfectly. Lately, I am all about beautiful scenic paintings. They take you to another place and add a little something to your space. 

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  1. These interiors are great the mix of gold, pink and vintage really work. And you’re right art really does make a difference to a room and can completely transform it! Thanks for these!

  2. Oh Ashlina,

    I love vintage landscapes, especially when grouped. You’ve got to see what I did with them in my dining room! This is an old post, but it’s the most recent I can find where you can see the grouping:

    xoxo Kristie

  3. great post :)
    i love the second one, its my favorite because it as 3d, adds depth !

  4. Scenic paintings are great, especially in a small apartment. I also like contemporary abstract paintings that evocative of a landscape.

  5. The paintings are beautiful! They really bring the rooms together and I agree that they do take you to another place. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Bonjour!
    We have a little photography shop on Etsy you might like! Please come visit us and let us know if there is anything you like! Have a lovely day!
    -Jessica & Holly

  7. I love that pink chair, Ashlina! Hope you had a greta holiday. xo

  8. I love how a piece of art can change the entire mood of a place. And how strange to see my place (the 4th picture down) which was featured on Jen’s blog. So flattered that you included that pic!!! xx

    Good luck finding the right painting!

  9. Love all the art and that hot pink chair in the first photo!

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