My design idol: Mary McDonald Interiors

Her book is so fantastically delicious! I can’t get enough of it.¬†
This is absolutely my kind of decorating.

images via PaperCity Dallas

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  1. And I can understand why – her spaces are gorgeous. And they’re so layered and interesting you just never get tired of them!!

  2. Her spaces are so glamorous without being cheap. Glamor is often interpreted as having lots of glitz, but she really shows theres a lot more to it! So so perfect.

  3. shes so fantastic. she does elements that you think shouldnt work but bam..its amazing! I asked Santa for her book!

  4. wow, i ADORE her style!

  5. Preeettty! Love MaryMcDonald’s work.

  6. So much saturated beautiful color!


  7. She is amazing! I always notice her light fixtures whether it’s a lamp or a chandelier. They make the entire room!
    Lila Ferraro

  8. Wow she is incredible! I love her use of color!


  9. it’s pure luxe

  10. love mary mcdonald! you pick the prettiest photo’s. i especially love the pretty blue in the first set of photos!

  11. Simply amazing!


  12. I LOVE her spaces…especially the navy/pink combo!

  13. Such an inspiration. Thanks for the post on her!


  14. Wow, those are all beautiful! I love the brown and pink room.

  15. I love her too.. Can’t wait to get her book..


  16. Amazing! I have always loved the symmetry of her spaces — perfection – thank you for sharing and I can see why you like her so much – she’s incredible.

  17. Very stunning and gorgeous design, I can see why she’d be your idol.

  18. I agree with you, she is amazing !

  19. I have to say this woman is genius.
    She know WHERE and HOW to place color – or not – it’s fabulous how effortless and elegant these rooms look.

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