reasons why i blog #1

because you get to meet AMAZINGLY gorgeous and fantastic people who love the same things as you… like fish tacos, microwaved cheese(ha!), outrageous table settings + Palm Springs, CA.
Meet my newest blogging friend, the wonderful (her beauty inside and out is ridiculous)
Terri from  La Dolfina …
check out her blog for some of her stories about shopping with Eddie + Jaithan. 
(lucky girl)
How gorgeous are Eddie Ross + Jaithan?
 (i mean seriously…they don’t make them much better than these two)
With us is Chris #1, the incredible chef + terri’s husband…

Here is us with my cousin…a travel blogger.
(terri and i were twinsies in long dresses so now this photo is now framed in my apartment)
(yeah…he is so dreamy…i LUUUUV him)

terri, thanks for everything, i love you.
happy blogging memories…

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  1. Oh, the world that you Beautiful People live in, just look at you all!!

    Can’t believe you met Jaithan and Eddie, so cool!!!!!

    Off to check out your friend Terri and your cousin now :)

    Happy Sunday Gorgeous :) xo

  2. I love how you and Terri were able to meet up; these are such a gorgeous pictures! I’m glad you guys had a ball. Happy Sunday! xx

  3. I reeeeealy need to try one of those “Fish Tacos”!

    ..but, I’m scared.

  4. Ashlina, I am so glad you hooked up with Terri and Eddied&Jaithan. They are all incredible people and near and dear to my heart!! Isn’t it amazing how down to earth Eddie and Jaithan are, they make you feel as if they have known you forever. I don’t think I have ever met two more personable men in my life. Terri is an angel and such a dear genuinely kind and generous lady, I could go on and on!!She is also gorgeous even if she does not like her picture taken. Glad you had such a wonderful time, Hugs Kathysue

  5. Looks like so much fun ! I giggled when Terri said your cousin had you all “in stitches” !

  6. Great picures. You look stunning as usual. Would love to meet Eddie some day. I am a big fan xoxo

  7. Loved seeing the pics at La Dolfina, it’s so cool when virtual friends turn into real ones!

  8. I love these photos!!
    It looks like it was lots of fun.
    Great memories that is what life is about :)


  9. Looks like a total blast … that Miss Dolfina is quite the gal isn’t she ?

  10. I saw the post on La Dolfina earlier- looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  11. You are ridiculous looking. If you weren’t such a babe I would slap you right in your pretty little face in an ugly jealousy fueled rage that you got to play with those two gorgeous gays. Are they as much fun as they seem? Don’t answer that.

  12. Ashlina, you are gorgeous, girl!

  13. Too cute!

  14. yup. other bloggers do keep me blogging…but wait, there are other bloggers who make me hate it too. hmm.

    haha. regardless i do it for me and i guess that should be enough :)

  15. I LOVE your leopard dress! So cute! Looks like you had such a fun time! Can’t wait to meet up in LA for some fun in the sun by the pool!!! -Jami

  16. Awesome! Great photos :)

  17. how fun!!! I love meeting new people and blogs are such great ways to connect!

  18. Meeting you was the best!! Blogging is the best… how else could something like this happen!!
    I’m so excited about Chris attending UCLA in the Fall, because I’ll get to see you and your boyz too!!!
    Love you!!

  19. Hope you had a wonderful Easter…you look beautiful Ashlina!

  20. You lucky girl!! Seems like you’ve had a fabulous weekend! Am such a fan of E&J – they’re a fabulous couple!

  21. Hey Ashlina, Hope you are well. You look so adorable in these pictures x

  22. How cute are all of you?! You’re such a supermodel—and Eddie is adorable!! xoxo katie

  23. now that looks like a fun weekend!!
    Eddie and Jaithan ARE super cute!

  24. What a beautiful group of people!!

  25. lucky you Ashlina! These are fab, fab people like yourself….you are just so gorgeous btw!:)

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