art + room: beachtime photography

beautiful turquoise chairs + wallpaper + tufted ottoman + beach photo = 
domestic bliss
via source
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  1. Wow, that rug and those green curtain panels are so me! Love this room.

  2. I love everything about this room!! The colors, the patterns ~ EVERYTHING!

    Hope you had a blessed Easter! :)

  3. Cute cute cute!!!

    P.S. I have a surprise for you on my latest post girly:-)

  4. I love this room! wallpaper + beach print = perfection. Another one for the “favourites folder”

  5. I love your style choices. they are not like everyone else’s. Ashlina stay uniquely YOU, It is a wonderful quality that you have my dear friend!! Kathysue

  6. Love that huge piece of art and the sofas. What a lovely room!! Enjoy the rest of your week Ashlina x

  7. That wallpaper is sunshine! Just what I needed after a boring day of work haha!


  8. LOVE this room!!! uh-mazing :)

  9. What a gorgeous interior! I am headed back to my interior design class tomorrow and I think you just got me even more excited about it! :)

  10. I love this room… the art especially!!
    I had the best time with you and your boyz… amazing! Please give your handsome cousin a great big hug for me and loads of kisses to you and Clark :)

  11. Ahh, I am so behind in my blog reading- I’m so sorry!

    love this room- the couch color is HOT!

  12. Pretty!

    What is that fluffy thing next to the chair?

  13. oh my gosh, I am IN LOVE. Drooling and needing a house so badly right now. =)

  14. I really do adore you and your gorgeous inspiration- LOVE the beach.. sigh

  15. LOVE it! I think I want that picture!

  16. You’re right – that is domestic bliss.

  17. I want that beach photo!

  18. I love that huge beach photo! I have two similar photos from 20×200 that I can’t wait to use in our new condo! xx

  19. i LOVE that huge photo of beach making the perfect contrast with the wallpaper! great inspiration =)

  20. That bright wallpaper is AMAZING! Such a fun way to spice up your room!

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