your decorating style…

Tonight I was out at a dinner, and one of the dinner guests and i got to chatting about my blog.
I love discussing blogging because I feel it is something everyone should do.
I am a huge proponent of expressing yourself and making friends while sharing common interests.
Interestingly enough, I was seriously stumped by one simple question.
What is your design style?
To be honest, I have no particular style. 
When I walk into a blank room, I get a feeling for the room and love to create the mood, 
the vibe, the feeling. I truly believe each person, and their space becomes its own theme and 
character…so I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one particular style.
Now, I can confirm this because I was emailed these photos and 
asked which one I like better…and I have no answer! 
They all look like perfection to me, just different moods.
You guys tell me…
Which one would be more your style???

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  1. I’m with you babe! I don’t limit myself to one particular style… Everyroom is like a blank canvas! And each room in my 3 bedroom apartment is different, the living rooms electic, the masterbedroom is romantic, the dining area is traditional, the bathroom is shabby chicish (I think LOL) I like playing around with colors and textures.. I just like to have fun! and I get alot of my inspiration from you doll! With all that being said. I Heart every picture!

  2. I’m with you too Ashlina, there are so many beautiful looks and styles to choose from to limit myself to just one! K xx

  3. I agree – sometimes I feel like I should have ONE particular style and I don’t – you have made me realize that it’s okay if I don’t. I like many different styles and as you said, it depends on the mood and/or feel of the room. Thank you for sharing that!

    I like all 3 spaces, but my fav’s are 1 and 3. =) Great post!!!

  4. Dont stress Ashlina, I find it hard to describe y style apart from saying it is seriously mis matched.

  5. Pigeon holes are for pigeons aren’t they! I did a style quiz the other day that I’ll post about tomorrow..funny because I had no clue what it meant! Your style is always beautiful though Ms A!! A as in A Grade!

  6. I too have always found it hard to decide what decorating style I am as I find I don’t like one particular look, but rather, bits from different styles – I assumed this was kind of an eclectic look. As for those 3 images you’ve posted, I’d be more the second one – a fairly neutral background with little pops of colour. Hope you are having a lovely start to your week x

  7. I like the idea in the 3rd pic – round table at a big window. if it was my house, the window would be even bigger, though :)

  8. I know one thing for sure. I do not like modern or minimalist styles.. All the rest could do!
    Now, do I really have to choose between these gorgeous pics? In that case it MUST be no.2!
    Have a lovely day

  9. hi i agree with you just know when something looks good…i love this style you chose… my favorite are the first and the third pictures the best …love the chandelier and the aqua roman blind WOW..just wanted to say hi and I’m new to your blog for about a week now …love it so far:)Xx

  10. Probably 3 although sometimes i love all white then other times i love colour, colour, colour!

    Did you receive my top 6 ok?

  11. that’s a difficult question, Im with you too, it depends on so many factors! and I love so many styles it’s difficult to choose

  12. I think those rooms are great. Very fresh. I tend to like more colors myself though, all the first two rooms are very Scandinavian. :)

  13. I think I like the first one best but they are all very lovely. I think that only people with no imagination limit themselves to one style. So many looks… little time….

  14. Like you, I cannot choose. They are both beautiful. I believe style changes with time and I also don’t like to select one particular style to define myself.

  15. I don’t limit myself either. Why pigeon hole yourself, right? :)

    These rooms are all gorgeous but I’m particularly drawn to the 3rd one. I so wish it was mine!

    Oh and thanks so much for stopping by my blog & for your sweet comment. I’m loving your blog & look forward to following along :)

    Enjoy the day, sweetie! xoxo

  16. I have no idea. I am a complete design schizo, and real life schizo, too many personalities on any given day!

  17. errrrr can’t view photos!! Don’t know what’s up with my computer this morning?? I’ll have to stop back by later! ;)

  18. the 2nd pic is definitely my style! what’s funny is that i don’t know what it’s called either…it’s feminine, modern and clean. maybe we should make up a name for the look!
    xoxo alison

  19. im going for the third pic too!

  20. I know what you mean- I’m able to appreciate all sorts of different designs. If I HAD to choose one it would be the middle photo. I like eclectic, farmhouse, bohemian all squished together! ;)

  21. loove this post…I guess there is something I like from each room..but #3 would probably be my choice…

    Agree with you I don’t like putting banner on things much less limiting yourself to one style.. just like getting dress one day I am more into classic then boho chic..etc…

    Now which one is the one you like the most?

  22. Good question, while I appreciate all forms of design and personal style could probably be described as clean, modern glam, with a hint of vintage. I love this first space and the glamorous third one

  23. I prefer rooms #1 and #3. The table in #2 looks wrongly placed – but the design elements of the room, I love. I think all three have got it goin’ on!

  24. I love number three. As far as style I like to think you have to have at least 3 to describe yourself. If you can describe yourself with one word then chances are your rooms will look stamped out of a showroom. I think you are Bohemian, Glam,Vintage!!! Love you outlook on design, young and fresh,Kathysue

  25. I love this!! I feel like I’m a mix of the top and bottom one. Love a little glam+simple

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