Suzanis and Tassles and Ikats, oh my!

I am so very pleased to introduce you all to my sweet friend Louise 
and her fantastic new online store.

Here are some sneak peaks of what she is selling.

great items, huh? go check it out! 

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  1. omg! love the suzanis!!
    what’s the link tho??

  2. Great post and love the title!!
    Looks like an amazing shop… can’t wait to check it out :)

  3. dito!! i love your blog too! thanks for your comment, now i’m a fan of yours too!

    God Bless,

  4. ahh drueling here!! Going to check out more…

  5. Love the pink pillows!


  6. Awesome. I really want these blankets and that necklace in the last picture :) Wow!!!

  7. These are great! I would love to frame a yard of suzani fabric. I just recently found Table Tonic blog! Loves it!!

  8. Great shop!!! Lots of pretties. Thanks for the comment on our blog! Blessings…. Daphne

  9. great textiles! your blog is full if inspiration and great ideas…just what I need as I want to redecorate my house! If only my husband will let me :)

  10. Ah yes this is a fabulous little shop! xx

  11. Wow, look at that blanket, I love it!!

  12. LOVE LOVE that bedspread so full of color!

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