you are like sunshine!

Man. I really love the positivity that blogging brings to my life!
Every one of you bloggers out there are such an inspiration to me.
Jamie of La Vie…J’aime passed along this award to me and it made my whole day!
I absolutely adore her + her blog.

and I want to pass this award along to some more of my favorite blogs + bloggers.

These are just some of the blogs that inspire me everyday!

You rock ladies.


Miss Erika Ward of

Miss Simone of

The Bottom of The Ironing Basket

Miss Tammy of

Miss Bethany of

Miss Bailey of

Miss Jenna of

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  1. Wow, I really like the way you used everyone’s banners. I’ve seen several of posts like yours with these awards and you absolutely knocked it out of the park :)

    Thanks so much for mentioning me!

  2. aww thanks bethany!!! you are sooooo welcome!

  3. Thank you Ashlina for the recognition the feeling is definitely mutual. As a self proclaimed domestic goddess your blog brings the sexy back into being a housewife!

    Keep on doing your thing! Luv ya!

    P.S. I’ve added you to the blogroll

  4. Oh thank you so much, I am really flattered that you have chosen me, how nice!

    Your blog is really beautiful, so stylish and just full of inspiration, glamour and beauty….I love it :)

    Thank you! Off to check out the other awardees now :)

  5. Awwwe, thanks sweetie ! You have amazing taste and your pics always make me smile. I’ll go check out your other faves.

  6. Thanks so much! So flattering! I’ll consider it my early birthday present! And I think you are pretty bright and sunshiney too!

  7. Erika. you are so sweet I could cry! YOU are such a talent. God is working his magic in you….

    SIMONE…thank you for your sweet words. your blog seriously brings joy to my days! the photographs are breathtaking!

    TAMMY…you are so vibrant + joyful! i adore you and your blog sooo much. I am so impressed by what you do. you are SUCH motivation.

    BAILEY…my fellow bliss girl! i heart u. HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

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